Tangkula 6 Pcs Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set Sofas Ottoman with Cushions Review

Tangkula 6 Pcs Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set Sofas Ottoman with Cushions

Tangkula 6 Pcs Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set Sofas Ottoman with Cushions

Do you have a decent-sized deck and a pool?  Do you need some pool-side furniture to really bring the look together for your backyard?  Here is my Tangkula 6 Pcs Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set Sofas Ottoman with Cushions review and why you can”t go wrong with it.  It is an extremely attractive set that is sure to please just about any homeowner.  In particular, if you’re going for a style with darker colors, the Tangkula is certainly a great choice.

One of the best features of the Tangkula 6 piece outdoor wicker furniture set is its superior aesthetic quality.  Very few wicker sets look quite as attractive as this one and its deep blues and grays are great all year round.  The dark satiny-looking cushions really pull its look together and the hard, angular lines of the furniture give it a strongly modern appeal.  This outdoor furniture set would look great in just about anyone’s back yard.  This has the ability to look good next to a pool, on the patio or anywhere else in a backyard that you want to relax with some friends.   

Another great feature that I love about this sofa set is its modularity.  You can pull it apart and put it back together in the exact configuration that you choose for your outing.  This is hugely beneficial if you wanted to achieve a particular look for a different party or get together.  It’s quite easy to take apart to have a few different looks for the different occasions.  So if you are having a BBQ, birthday bash or a simple night out with friends or family, it won’t be any sort of back-breaking effort.

Some other great features of this beautiful outdoor sofa set are the softness of its cushions and its durability.  You can lounge around on this set for years and it can endure lots of wear and tear without losing its beauty.  One of the only downsides is that you will find that you’ll have to assemble this unit yourself.  For some people, this isn’t a problem at all, but for others, you might be struggling for hours.  It really depends on your ability to be able to easy read printed directions.


– Sophisticated, attractive furniture set with a dark color

– Modern style that suits just about any deck or patio

– Resistant to the elements and durable, so it can last for years

– Soft, comfortable cushions so that you can relax by the pool

– Modular, so it can be shifted around and arranged to ones taste


– May be a bit too modernistic for certain styles of décor

– Assembly is required, and some people may find this difficult

If you’re craving a pool-side patio furniture set that can take a beating from the weather and provide comfort for you and your family over the years, this isn’t a bad choice at all. It’s especially a good furniture set to buy if you like a more modern style and want something that will tie together a dark color scheme in your backyard.  The price is very reasonable for the quality you are getting.

For more information on the Tangkula 6 Pcs Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set Sofas Ottoman with Cushions, simply click the More Details button below. It is also a good idea to add this to the cart first, then do your research. You can always take it away later.


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