Suncast 7’ 9 3/4” x 7’ 10 3/4” Storage Shed Review

Suncast 7’ 9 3/4” x 7’ 10 3/4” Storage Shed

Suncast 7’ 9 3/4” x 7’ 10 3/4” Storage Shed

Here is my Suncast 7’ 9 3/4” x 7’ 10 3/4” Storage Shed review.  This storage shed is by far one of the best shed’s out there.  If you have things scattered across your yard or in the garage, it’s the perfect place to put them. It provides more than enough space to store my cycling gear, outdoor equipment and gardening tools without being too big in size. 

My favorite thing about this storage shed is that it has wide double doors. By far, this is one of the best features a storage shed can have. The benefit of these doors is that it allows me to get my larger equipment in and out of it in no time.  However, the real benefit is that I don’t need to strain my body by lifting, tilting and trying to wedge lawn or outdoor equipment into a smaller opening of the shed. The double doors are a definite plus and make the entire process hassle free.

The lockable doors are also a bonus for my peace of mind. The benefit here is that even if your neighborhood is safe, it’s always a great feeling knowing that your equipment is safely secured behind locked doors. The real benefit is that you can rest easy knowing that if that one bad person tries to take your valuable equipment, the locked doors will be an excellent deterrent making it more difficult to take something.

Some additional features are the extra wide door opening making getting our equipment in and out a breeze, the sturdy build of this shed and also the ease of the assembly.  It also comes with plastic flooring. 

Pros – The lockable doors that lock using upper and lower latches and the sufficient space inside of the shed are both major pros for getting this shed.

Cons – Assembling the shed proved to be a slight issue. While easy to assemble, it does take a bit of time if you aren’t mechanically inclined.  However, we got there in the end. Other than that, there wasn’t much of a downside to this Suncast storage shed.

In the end, the security and space that this storage shed provides you with is perfect for smaller yards and for people that need extra storage space without needing to fit too much equipment in. No matter what we store, there always seems to be plenty of space for more. It definitely helps keep the yard and garage clutter free.  Whether you have an active outdoor family like mine or just need extra space to free up some space in the garage, then you’d be missing out if you didn’t grab one of these. It truly is a wonderful shed that I’m sure you will be satisfied with like many others are.

For more information on the Suncast 7’ 9 3/4” x 7’ 10 3/4” Storage Shed, simply click the More Details button below. It is also a good idea to add this to the cart first, then do your research. You can always take it away later.


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